Bulk Food, Gluten Free, Organic, & Farm Fresh

At Back to Nature you can find many of your kitchen staples. Organic floure, oats, beans and much more. As well as an excelent sellection of Gluten Free products.

Gluten Free

Find sweet and savory products, all of them Gluten Free.

Farm Fresh

Farm fresh eggs only $3.50 per dozen. We also stock Grass-fed beef at $5.50/lbs.

Bulk Items

Dry beans, oats, flour, cranberries, dates, nuts, and so much more. Most of which are Organic.



Craving fresh greens this winter? Come get Pea and Sunflower Shoots grown by a local urban farm, Simple Abundance Farm. 

What are microgreens?
A microgreen is a tiny vegetable green grown until their first true leaves and harvested above the root. Pea and Sunflower Shoots are known as superfoods because they are packed with nutrients. Add them to a dish for instant upscale beauty as a garnish, or in salads, sandwiches, and soups.